SkySparc - News and events A trusted provider of products and services to central banks, treasuries, and asset management organizations. en-us 12 September 2019 12 September 2019 UTC SkySparc SkySparc is delighted to announce that a US-headquartered multinational client has upgraded to the latest version of OmniFi. Having recently used OmniFi’s reconciliation automation capabilities to support a major treasury reengineering project, the upgrade will help the client to reconcile smoothly and efficiently at increasing volumes. 10 September 2019 10 September 2019 UTC SkySparc SkySparc expands with Murex front-office and risk expertise. Press release 6 September 2019 6 September 2019 UTC SkySparc SkySparc named Technology Consultant of the Year in Central Banking’s Fintech Awards 2019. Press release 27 August 2019 27 August 2019 UTC SkySparc SkySparc increases support to domestic clients with new Gothenburg office. Press release 8 August 2019 8 August 2019 UTC SkySparc New hire adds Murex functional expertise at SkySparc. Press release 23 July 2019 23 July 2019 UTC SkySparc SkySparc is upgrading a longstanding European central banking client to the latest version of OmniFi, including OmniFi Access, which supports streamlined, real-time data flows to market-leading business intelligence applications. This central bank is an extensive user of OmniFi’s reporting capabilities, including automated reports for operational risk monitoring purposes. 18 June 2019 18 June 2019 UTC SkySparc New case study: MIFID II Compliance through upgraded bond-platform connectivity Read case study 11 June 2019 11 June 2019 UTC SkySparc SkySparc announces partnership agreement with Murex. Press release 4 June 2019 4 June 2019 UTC SkySparc SkySparc invests in Patch Upgrade as-a-Service with new head. Press release 29 May 2019 29 May 2019 UTC SkySparc New investment supports SkySparc growth strategy. Press release 23 May 2019 23 May 2019 UTC SkySparc Strong 2018 performance positions SkySparc for future growth. Press release 14 May 2019 14 May 2019 UTC SkySparc New case study: Telia dials up for streamlined upgrade Read case study 9 May 2019 9 May 2019 UTC SkySparc The Dutch State Treasury Agency (DSTA) has successfully upgraded to Wallstreet Suite v7.4.63 using SkySparc’s Patch Upgrade as-a-Service model, shaving 1/3 off the time taken by its previous upgrade. 7 May 2019 7 May 2019 UTC SkySparc SkySparc strengthens Murex practice with technical lead. Press release 25 April 2019 25 April 2019 UTC SkySparc The State Treasury of Finland has implemented a new version of OmniFi in order to utilize its automated testing capabilities as part of an ongoing patch upgrade project. 26 March 2019 26 March 2019 UTC SkySparc OmniFi Access supports straight-through business intelligence. Press release 25 March 2019 25 March 2019 UTC SkySparc We were honored to host 120+ representatives from more than 50 organizations during our 7th SkySparc Global Client Forum last week. We would like to take the opportunity to thank again our speakers from the Central Bank of Iceland, EIB, Toyota Financial Services and Sampo Plc, for their excellent presentations! 13 March 2019 13 March 2019 UTC SkySparc SkySparc strengthens executive team with CFO appointment. Press release 7 March 2019 7 March 2019 UTC SkySparc Keva, Finland’s largest pension provider, has upgraded to OmniFi 7.1, and will benefit from the full range of functionality offered by the latest release, which uses Python-based plugins to deliver its core reporting, testing and data management functions across multiple systems and platforms. 20 February 2019 20 February 2019 UTC SkySparc Global construction and development firm Skanska is the first SkySparc client to implement OmniFi 7.1, in order to take advantage of its advanced automated testing capabilities. 8 February 2019 8 February 2019 UTC SkySparc SkySparc is proud to share that yet another long-term client is benefiting from SkySparc’s upgrade as-a-service model, resulting in a more efficient upgrade project, lower risk, and comprehensive quality assurance from a vendor-independent third party. 30 January 2019 30 January 2019 UTC SkySparc A longstanding multinational corporate client is extending its use of OmniFi, increasing its number of licenses in step with the tool’s supporting role in multiple treasury automation initiatives. The firm was one of the first SkySparc clients to implement OmniFi’s reconciliation module, and also used OmniFi’s data migration capabilities as part of a group-wide treasury operations reengineering project. 22 January 2019 22 January 2019 UTC SkySparc Following a smooth and successful Wallstreet Suite upgrade project in 2018 using SkySparc’s patch upgrade as a service, the Dutch State Treasury Agency (DSTA) has engaged SkySparc to conduct a second patch upgrade. The agency adopted SkySparc’s as-a-service model in order to implement patch upgrades on a regular and seamless basis, levering SkySparc dedicated, centralized team to deliver lower risk, highly efficient upgrade projects, and independent quality assurance. 11 January 2019 11 January 2019 UTC SkySparc To support the eradication of poverty through entrepreneurship and sustainable job creation, SkySparc has directed its annual charitable donation to Hand in Hand International, which provides training and access to finance and markets to small businesses across Asia and Africa. SkySparc’s donation will support the establishment of at least 100 new companies. READ MORE 8 January 2019 8 January 2019 UTC SkySparc Happy New Year - Download SkySparc's free wallpaper calendar Calendar 2019